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‘The Gardener’ for the prairies magazine, published in Saskatoon and rated as the best horticultural publication for cold weather climates, is putting together their eleventh annual “Plant Picks” feature in the Spring 2018 Issue. They are approaching greenhouses, seed companies, various societies and experts across the cooler climate areas in Canada to get one or more exciting varietal recommendation from each of them to inspire gardeners for the 2018 growing year. The name and/or organization of the person who recommended the plant in the magazine will be mentioned.

As in previous years, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables, as well as perennials and annuals will be chosen. If you are able to recommend a tree/shrub/edible as well as a perennial or annual, we may consider using both. These do not need to be new cultivars; they can also be old favourites.

Also, if there are any tools or other kinds of garden equipment that you are excited about, we would love to feature them as well.

When you send your write-up, please include the following information:
Name and cultivar
Scientific name
Hardiness zone (or list as annual)
A brief description including growth habit, size, and what you like about it.
A high resolution digital photograph
Your name and business/society affiliation.

Please forward your plant pick recommendations to this e-mail: editor@gardenermagazine.ca by November 1, 2017. Thank you very much in advance for your contribution! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Noelle Chorney, Managing Editor
Phone: (306) 292-6634

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