Perennials for Northern Gardens – Zoom Presentation

Perennials for Northern Gardens is a discussion about the wide variety of perennials that have adapted to Manitoba gardens. Illustrated by over 200 photographs, Hugh Skinner will talk about the historic development of perennial flower gardening and reasons for using perennials. He will also talk about the design of perennial gardens, procuring perennials and methods of propagating perennials from seed and by vegetative means.

Our guest presenter, Hugh Skinner, caught the gardening bug early. He spent his summers as a child working and playing in his father’s nursery. He studied horticulture at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a B. S. A. (Hort.) in 1972. Since that time he has been involved in the nursery business, growing a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennial flowers and bulbs. Currently, he is specializing in lily bulbs, with an emphasis on martagons.

Hugh began speaking and advising groups and individuals soon after his graduation from university. As well, he has developed and delivered a number of courses for Assiniboine Community College. In the past 6 years he has judged for Communities in Bloom in Manitoba. In 2002 he was presented with the Prairie Garden Award of Excellence for his work to preserve the Skinner horticultural legacy. He is currently president of the Manitoba Horticultural Association.

His most recent project is a book on “perennial flowers for northern gardens” with Sara Williams. They are currently seeking a publisher. Hugh and Sara believe that gardeners need accurate information to help them in designing garden projects and in choosing plants that are suited to our climate. Previous books include Gardening, Naturally, A chemical free handbook for the Prairies (co-authored with Sara Williams) published by Coteau Books in spring 2011, Best Trees and Shrubs for the Prairies and Best Groundcovers and Vines for the Prairies, also co-authored with Sara Williams.