Our Members Presenting in the Community

Growing a Tea Garden – Florence Carey
Winnipeg Public Library
October 28/22 – 12 – 1:00pm

If you like herbal teas, did you know that you can grow plants in your garden to make tea? This presentation with Master Gardener Florence Carey will cover common plants for the Manitoba tea garden, as well as how to grow, harvest, store, and enjoy them in tea.

Sun Mapping – Virginia Stephenson, Master Gardener
Charleswood Garden Club
November 9, 2022 – 7pm
Guests Welcome!

All About Succulents – Marilyn Dudek
Winnipeg Public Library Online Presentation
November 15/22 – 12 to 1pm

Master Gardener Marilyn Dudek will share her tips on succulents, and how to overwinter both tender outdoor succulents and succulent houseplants. Learn about keeping them healthy, and rejuvenating and …