Who are Master Gardeners?
  • Master Gardeners are passionate about gardening.
  • Part of a respected international non-profit organization, Master Gardeners are horticultural persons certified through accredited universities or colleges.
  • Volunteer opportunities are varied and rewarding; we love to pass on our knowledge through seminars, workshops, media appearances, info booths and helping organizations launch gardening programs.
  • Experienced in gardening knowledge we motivate, help, and inspire the gardeners of Manitoba in the joy of gardening.break1

A Brief History of the Master Gardener Program

To facilitate communication between Master Gardeners, the Manitoba Master Gardener Association was formally organized in 2011. It is a ‘supporting and networking body’ for Certified Master Gardeners as well as Master Gardeners-in-Training in the Province of Manitoba.

Goals and Objectives
  • To co-operate with and support the educational activities of our institutional affiliates in order to implement and develop their Manitoba Master Gardener Program
  • To provide a communication network for Manitoba Master Gardeners to exchange ideas, information and issues
  • To support the ongoing training of Manitoba Master Gardeners by providing information for educational opportunities and experiences
  • To provide and encourage the growth of horticultural communities by building connections with like-minded organizations
  • To serve as a source of horticultural information for the general public through postings on our website as well as providing connections to Manitoba Master Gardeners
  • To promote sustainable horticultural practices and environmental stewardship

For information on Volunteers and Speakers contact:

For information relating to the MMGA’s Board of Directors’ meeting schedule and list of officers, refer to our GOVERNANCE section on this web.break1