A Splash of the Tropics in the Garden – About Overwintering Tropicals

by Laverne Dahlin, Master Gardener I started growing canna lilies (Cannaceae), which is not a true lily, 4 years ago when a fellow gardener gave me a rhizome of a Red King Humbert canna lily. I… Read More

The Attraction of Peonies

by Sandy Venton, Master Gardener I came to peonies relatively late in life. Roses and martagon lilies were my first and second passions.  The first peony I ever planted was a fern leaf peony. I had… Read More

Beware of Valeriana officinalis

by Elizabeth Sellors, Master Gardener Introduction Valeriana officinalis (common names: garden heliotrope, garden valerian, common valerian, greek valerian) is classified as an alien species in North America, having been introduced from outside its normal distribution. It… Read More

California Super Bloom

As experienced in Spring 2019 by Master Gardener Gary Krushel California was experiencing a “super bloom” this year. What is a “super bloom”? It is a veritable explosion of wildflowers occurring at a number of locations… Read More

Clematis in My Garden

by Sandra Venton, Master Gardener Clematis and I have had a long and storied history. My first clematis was Clematis ‘Rosy O’Grady’ (Group 1), a hybrid of Clematis macropetala and Clematis alpina. It was huge, luxurious,… Read More

Growing Tomatoes – Part 2 of 2, from Transplants to Harvest

Lenore Linton, Master Gardener Part 2 of 2 Each fall before the garden is dug, an inch of our home compost is spread over the garden. The garden is dug by hand and left in lumps… Read More

Growing Tomatoes – Part 1 of 2

Lenore Linton, Master Gardener I have been growing tomatoes for 56 years, but it is only in the last 20 years that I’ve been starting them from seed. For 36 years I bought my starter plants… Read More

Gardening with a difference.

by Karen Loewen, Master Gardener and MMGA Board Member at Large We gardeners welcomed recent snowfalls and enjoyed watching snow bury our gardens. Following the last dry growing season many plants went into dormancy dehydrated, and… Read More

About Seeds and Seed Saving (Part 1 of 2)

by Susan LeBlanc, Master Gardener I was recently asked to give a talk in Swan River, Manitoba on behalf of the Manitoba Master Gardener Association. The following is a recount of the power point presentation. Millions… Read More

About Seeds and Seed Saving (Part 2 of 2)

by Susan LeBlanc, Master Gardener