Canadian Premiere Screening of Planet Soil

November 18, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
The Cinematique Theatre
100 Arthur Street

The Premiere Screening of Planet Soil Is Coming to Manitoba – November 18

(Tickets are available online only, pre-event, and are not available at the door. The link to ticket sales is on our website home landing page.)

The Manitoba Gardener Association and the Manitoba Horticultural Association are proud to present “Planet Soil”, a captivating documentary that will be screened for the first time in Canada at Winnipeg’s Cinematheque Theatre on November 18. Planet Soil is being presented jointly by these two organizations as a part of their mandates to promote the wise use of nature’s resources in Manitoba. They hope that the opportunity to view this powerful documentary will set the stage for greater awareness of the importance of soil in sustaining life on our planet. After viewing the film, you will surely be moved to take action, individually and collectively to use soil wisely and preserve our planet’s future. This film is a must see for anyone interested in environmental issues and our planet’s future. For more information on this viewing opportunity read here.