Winnipeg 2020 – 2021

Assiniboine Community College (ACC) is pleased to deliver the Master Gardener program in Winnipeg. The Master Gardener program is open to anyone with an interest in gardening. It is an opportunity to learn, share gardening experience and to develop friendships through community volunteerism. Master Gardeners take pride in achieving their certification and continue to share their knowledge with others in their community.

Program Overview

1. Register and complete these courses

  • • Botanical Latin
  • • Common Plant Diseases
  • • Communications – Master Gardener
  • • Garden Fundamentals
  • • Identifying Insects in your Yard & Garden
  • • Safe Use of Pesticides and Alternatives
  • • Tree & Shrub ID

2. Internship for Master Gardener
The Master Gardener student must complete 40 hours of volunteer service within their community within one year.

3. Master Gardener Theory – Exam (AGRC-0233)
The cost of the exam is included in the fee ($99) of registering for the Master Gardener courses.

4. Completion
To obtain a document of achievement, students must complete the seven specified required courses, read the home study book, complete an internship of 40 hours in a one-year time period and write a final exam within a 5 year period.

To register call:
Admissions & Registration at
204.725.8700 ext 6028     toll free:   1-800-862-6307        fax:  204.726-8740

All classes to be held at Assiniboine Community College Training Centre, Unit 87 – 1313 Border Street, Winnipeg, MB

Master Gardener Re-Scheduled Courses- Winnipeg – 2020 – 2021

Registration will be available online
Sept 1/20 or contact 204-725-8701.

Classes will commence in Fall with 12-15 students. Masks must be worn. Classes will be 4 hours.

The courses such as Garden Fundamentals and Pesticides that are longer will have home assignments.

Cancelled classes from March 2020 are being scheduled. Students that had cancelled classes will be receiving a letter from ACC.

> Download Schedule 2020-2021
Identifying Insects in your Yard (AGRC-0163) (6 hrs.) Nov. 14/20
9am – 4pm
Ian Wise $139
Common Plant Diseases (AGRC-0230) January 16, 2021
9am – 12pm
Andy Tekauz $99
Master Gardener Theory (EXAM) (AGRC-0233) included in registration fee
Garden Fundamentals (AGRC-0229) Two-day course (12 hrs. total) Oct. 31 &
Nov. 7/20

9am – 4pm
Cathy Shaluk $219
Botanical Latin (AGRC-0165) Oct. 17/20
9am – 12pm
Warren Otto $99
Communications – Master Gardener (COMM-0202) (6hrs.) January 23, 2021
9am – 4pm
Lilian Tankard $139
Safe Use of Pesticides   (AGRC-0231) April 3, 2021
9 am – 12 pm
Ian Wise $99
Internship for Master Gardener (AGRC-0232) 40 hours
Tree & Shrub ID (AGRC-0160) (6 hrs.) March 13, 2021
9am – 4pm
 Cathy Shaluk  $139.