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Chalker Scott

Dr. Linda-Chalker Scott – The Definitive Guide to Gardening Sustainably in Today’s Back Yard
Linda Chalker-Scott, our keynote speaker at the MMGA 2017 Annual General Meeting is sharing her presentation.
Download pdf >

Dr. Eva Pip – Poisonous Plants in Prairie Gardens > DOWNLOAD .PDF


An article about Master Gardener Lenore Linton and her husband, Bill.
Food to Grow – by Colleen Zacharias

An excellent article highlighting the eight-acre farm of Norm Sylvestre, and the visiting Manitoba Master Gardener Association study group, Branching Out.

Knowledge Blossoms – by Colleen Zacharias

Coral Bells like a Dry Cold – by Colleen Zacharias

Building Better Echinacea – by Colleen Zacharias

Set your Sights on Getting it Right – by Colleen Zacharias

Download Ikebana presentation .pdf

Time to Prune your Hydrangeas – by Colleen Zacharias


Dazzling Dahlias – by Colleen Zacharias








Dirty Secrets – by Colleen Zacharias

Project Shines Light on Public Garden – by Colleen Zacharias

Hydrangea Variety has a Mind of its Own – by Colleen Zacharias

The Fall and Return of Impatiens – by Colleen Zacharias

Tough Stuff – Perennials that Survive and Thrive – by Colleen Zacharias

Experts Share Spring Offerings 2019    – by Colleen Zacharias

From Seed to Cedar – by Colleen Zacharias

Starting with Seeds yields positive Results – by Colleen Zacharias

calamagrostis acutiflora
Spice up your Garden with Ornamental Grasses – by Colleen Zacharias

Growing Heuchera for Foliage or Flowers

Natural Techniques keep Soil Healthy – by Colleen Zacharias


Choosing the Best Pots for your Plants – by Colleen Zacharias


Colour’s Supporting Role in Flower Beds – by Colleen Zacharias

Grass Roots Sustainability – Study on Winnipeg Gardeners – by Colleen Zacharias


Cultivating the Perfect Plant – 2018 Selections by Colleen Zacharias






Fall is Coming – Plant Ahead – Plant Bulbs – by Colleen Zacharias

oscar peterson

Roses are Worth the Effort – by Colleen Zacharias


Fruit Grown Fresh at Home – by Colleen Zacharias

Tropical Plants Worth the Effort – by Colleen Zacharias
Summer Favourites – Annual Feature – by Colleen Zacharias

Making a Moss of your Garden – by Colleen Zacharias


An Annual Treat for the Backyard – by Colleen Zacharias

Parched Plants need Hydration – by Colleen Zacharias

Care for Amaryllis – University of Minnesota, Extension Services



Hellebores – Rare sight to much delight   –   by Colleen Zacharias


Layering Greenery in Landscapes – by Colleen Zacharias

Bicolour Bonanza – by Colleen Zacharias


A Future without Bees Stings – by Colleen Zacharias


Kokedama or String Gardens


Clematis – Queen of Vines – by Colleen Zacharias

sweet peas

Sweet Peas – by Colleen Zacharias

Indoor Garden Party – Houseplants by Colleen Zacharias

Gardening all the Thyme – Herbs by Colleen Zacharias

Peppers – Welcome to Scoville – by Colleen Zacharias

Calla Lilies – Ace of spathes –  by Colleen Zacharias

Here Comes the Bloom – by Colleen Zacharias

fawn 004

To-may-to To-mah-to – by Colleen Zacharias


Flower Power – Hydrangea play starring role in fall garden   –   by Colleen Zacharias

red lilies

Resurrection of the Lily – by Colleen Zacharias

  • For further red lily beetle information:
Red Lily Beetle Tracker
Biocontrol of Red Lily Beetle

Never Alone Rose_Brian Duncan's garden

Never Alone Rose a ‘star in the ocean’ – by Colleen Zacharias


Pretty Bells – Heuchera – by Colleen Zacharias


Going to Seed – by Colleen Zacharias

New Kids on the Block – by Colleen Zacharias

Rose_Campfire 1

Roses are Red and Tri-coloured too – by Colleen Zacharias

Autumn Garden Winterizing – Colleen Zacharias


Freshly Picked Fruit – Philip Ronald

Dwarf Trees Never Short on Beauty – by Colleen Zacharias


Square Foot Gardening – by Mick Manfield

Back to Nature – by Becky Slater



Spring seeding isn’t just for farmers – by Jeannette Adams

Lifting, Storing Bulbs for Next Year’s Blooms – By Colleen Zacharias


GARDENING:  Harvest a Plenty By Lenore Linton


GARDENING: Visit the Tropics in your backyard  By Colleen Zacharias

The tasteful garden.Add some wine and dessert to your flower beds
  By Marilyn Dudek

Have a succulent summer  By Marilyn Dudek


Tiny helpers By Jeannette Adams

Extending the Life of Holiday Plants By Colleen Zacharias

Hydrangeas: Beautiful Bloomers By Colleen Zacharias

Eramosa Ridge
Irises By B J Jackson
Master Gardener program/profile re local MG’s

Fall Vegetables By Karen Loewen

Colour Principles in the Garden By Lynn Collicutt

Overwintering roses By Lynn Collicutt

Fall Garden Clean-up By Susan LeBlanc

Garden photography By Damien Bilinsky

Overwintering specialty plants By Erna Wiebe


Tried and True perennials By Jeannette Adams

Mighty Irises By Barbara-Jean Jackson

Colourful Options for Manitoba Tree Planting  By Mike Allen

Garden Tips:

Overwintering Asiatic Lilies in containers:  submitted by Linda Curtis (Winnipeg, MB)

“I just wanted to let you know that an overwintering experiment for Asiatic lilies worked and with about 15-20 bulbs split into 3 containers, at least 80-90% immerged and are healthy.  One bulb had rotted.  I did this for two reasons, first, to keep the rabbits from eating them and second to contain any lily beetle infestation to this area where I could check easily.  I cleared the lilies out of the rest of the garden.  The container sizes were: 2 -19inch wide by 18 inch deep and tapering slightly to the ground and one was 15 inches wide and 15 inches deep.  They were made of fiberglass and for winter I put 2 in my sunroom out of the wind and somewhat protected and the other I left outside near the house with bubble wrap around it.  I’m hoping this fall to leave them where they are but huddle them together, wrap and put leaves on top of each.  It will be exciting to see the blooms in the next few weeks.  They’re about 6 inches high at the moment.”a