A Splash of the Tropics in the Garden – About Overwintering Tropicals

by Laverne Dahlin, Master Gardener I started growing canna lilies (Cannaceae), which is not a true lily, 4 years ago when a fellow gardener gave me a rhizome of a Red King Humbert canna lily. I planted the …

The Attraction of Peonies

by Sandy Venton, Master Gardener I came to peonies relatively late in life. Roses and martagon lilies were my first and second passions.  The first peony I ever planted was a fern leaf peony. I had seen one …

Beware of Valeriana officinalis

by Elizabeth Sellors, Master Gardener Introduction Valeriana officinalis (common names: garden heliotrope, garden valerian, common valerian, greek valerian) is classified as an alien species in North America, having been introduced from outside its normal distribution. It is a …

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